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Image Galleries

Image Galleries


PHP Bulletin Board (or PHPBB) is a free and an open-source bulletin board system which facilitates creating a unique forum in minutes. Its feature-rich Internet forum package is written in PHP language and is very easy to install and use. PHPBB is designed with unmatched code security and has integrated anti-spam features. Its user-friendly flat message structure makes it easier for users to search and read the discussions. It can be easily paired with any existing joomla, wordpress or Mangento website without disrupting the existing functionally. The software comes with even the most intricate features already built into the system and contains hundreds of style and image packages to render a unique look to your forum. A corporate firm can use PHPBB to create a large multi-category board to address the client’s grievances or simply connect with prospects. The newbies can make use of its extensive administration panel and customize the features without editing the code directly. However, if you still face an issue at any point of time we, at Cybex Hosting, can help you out in leveraging the best from this technology.

Simple Machines Forum (SMF)

Simple Machines Forum or SMF is an open-source bulletin board software package that allows setting up your own online community within minutes. You can have this professional grade and spam-less bulletin board for free. Its intuitive user interface is created using PHP language. The software comes packed with a host of features that you need to design a message board while having a minimal impact on the server’s resources. Its powerful package manager provides a quick and easy way to make modifications to the database and customize the theme to give your site a unique look. Its unique Server Side Includes (SSI) function facilitates interaction between the forum and the website. The professionalism of codes, wealth of features, simplistic style, intuitive functionality, finest designs, and layouts are some of the aspects that define SMF. At Cybex Hosting, we offer single-click solution to install and manage your simple machine forum websites and support all the tools that you need to get the maximum benefit from this top-notch application.


Coppermine let’s you easily add multimedia to your site. It is a free and an open-source modern photo gallery script that allows easy hosting of image galleries on the website. Coppermine uses PHP and dynamically generates HTML to display various categories, sub-categories, albums and images which drastically reduces the space and loading time. This fully-featured, multipurpose, and integrated web photo gallery framework runs on MySQL database. The photos can be uploaded to the web server via FTP. The software is loaded with both simple and complicated features ranging from arranging images in albums and categories to customizing images to complement the site’s layout. It also allows you to set various level of accessibility to make your gallery private, viewable to only registered users or open to public . Coppermine can be easily hosted on any server that has PHP, MySQL, GD Library or Imagemagic. It has interfaces with many popular software packages like Envision Power Board, e107, Joomla!, phpBB, Mambo, Post Nuke, SMF, v Bulletin et al. At Cybex Hosting, we make sure that this software runs smoothly on clients’ servers and the concerned photo gallery loads faster with our powerful systems.


Gallery is a free and an open-source web based photo album organizer that lets you seamlessly add photo management capability to your website. It’s easy to use and intuitive interface allows you to manage and upload images to your small personal site or a large community site with simple drag and drop option. It is a simple and user-friendly tool that helps in viewing, organizing, and finding photos, videos and audios from the database. You can set various permissions to add additional level of privacy. It also facilitates addition of captions and other intricate information along with the images. The software allows import of photos directly from camera to the computer (and vice versa) with a simple import process and creates powerful multimedia slide shows in minutes. The gallery software comes with various fonts, graphics and colors to complement any site. However, if you are looking for any kind of assistance in gallery hosting or installation, call our creative experts.